A Different Kind of Firm.  A Singular Focus.
Sale Leasebacks.

Leverage our corporate finance and M&A expertise to unlock capital from your owned restaurants., manufacturing facilities., healthcare facilities., corporate headquarters., distribution centers., data centers., medical office buildings., cold storage warehouses., convenience stores., behavioral health facilities., car washes., movie theatres., parking garages., urgent care centers., hospitals., grocery stores., rehab facilities., GSA properties., bank branches.

Creating Value Through Sale Leasebacks

We have a singular focus and do it well. Our advisory team is solely dedicated to the evaluation and execution of sale leasebacks and M&A-driven real estate engagements.

Executing Sale Leasebacks with Investment Banking Expertise

We bring large firm investment banking capabilities to what is typically viewed as a real estate marketing business. We consider sale leasebacks as "M&A-light," a specialized niche with many variables driving the optimal outcome. Our deep corporate finance and M&A expertise position us best to tailor each engagement to exceed clients’ strategic and financial goals.

Taking a Holistic Approach

We provide sale leaseback services for a wide range of property types, taking a fulsome approach that factors in both qualitative and quantitative aspects of each client engagement.

Why Sale Leasebacks Work

Tap into an Attractive Capital Source

  • Capture a Value Arbitrage
  • Improve Your Cost of Capital
  • Help Fund M&A
  • Finance Internal Growth
  • De-Lever the Balance Sheet…