Ares Bulks Up in Busy Net Lease Real Estate Market

June 2, 2021 - SLB Capital Advisors discusses the Net Lease Real Estate market and SLB’s most recent market update with FundFire

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  • Scott Merkle spoke with Tom Stabile at FundFire regarding the Net Lease Real Estate market
  • “It feels like there is more activity and more interest, and we’re seeing more big-name investors enter the space,” says Scott Merkle, Managing Partner at SLB Capital Advisors, a sale leaseback real estate investment bank and advisory firm. “There aren’t a lot of dedicated funds in the net lease sector today, so it’s of interest that there are more coming down the pipeline.”
  • The sale leaseback market took a hit last year but has rebounded over the last few quarters, in part because businesses in need of capital have turned to these transactions, Merkle says.
  • “[Sale leasebacks] have become more topical through the pandemic as there has been a need for liquidity and access to capital,” he says.